I can not recommend Angela’s Pilates sessions enough. I was a complete beginner when I started and through her expert teaching and guidance I have made massive improvements to my flexibility and core strength. Despite working hard I always feel so relaxed and happy at the end of each session. They are highlight of my week!

— Liz

I really enjoy Angela’s Pilates classes, she really is a great instructor. She gives excellent verbal instructions with demo to allow me to start and change an exercise without breaking my flow. I always feel fabulous after class both physically and emotionally, we work hard and have a laugh along the way. Thanks Ange for what you do, I didn’t realise how much I benefitted from class until I came back!

— Billie

I met Angie 3 years ago, my back used to 'go every few months, would be painful for weeks and my doctor said it was my age and there was nothing he could do. Angie took time to understand and gave me tailor-made exercises in her studio that have gradually built up my core muscles. Thanks to her, my back hasn't 'gone' since - and I'm 3 years older!

— Jane Bickerstaffe

I have been doing one of Angie's mat classes for years - with two young grandsons, I need something to keep me supple and fit and these weekly classes are ideal; relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Angela is a great exponent of her subject. She is very caring, friendly and immensely patient and knowledgeable and we are all agreed our Wednesday class is the highlight of our week. Recently I persuaded my husband - after he suffered a knee and shoulder injury to visit Angela's studio to see if Pilates could help. He is now a convert and where  hospital physio failed  to improve his mobility, his weekly studio sessions have made a big difference to his mobility.   

— Trisha and Cliffe Manning

I have been practising Body Control Pilates for 11 years - the past 7 with Angela. I can thoroughly recommend her mat classes and continue to see health benefits - maintaining my flexibility and strengthening my core muscles.

— Janice Hunt

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