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class timetable


9.30 - 10.30am Mixed Ability Pilates

10.40 - 11.30am Keep Active, Stay Strong

School Green Centre, Shinfield, RG2 9EH

7.00 - 8.00pm Mixed Ability Pilates

8.00 - 9.00pm Mixed Ability Pilates

St Sebastian's Memorial Hall, RG40 3BA


9.30 - 10.20am Mobility, Strength and Balance

10.40 - 11.30am Dynamic Pilates

School Green Centre, Shinfield, RG2 9EH


9.30 - 10.30am Mixed Ability Pilates

School Green Centre, Shinfield, RG2 9EH


9.30 - 10.30am Ballet, Barre and Movement

School Green Centre, Shinfield, RG2 9EH

Contact Angela to join.

Classes are booked as a 6-8 week course. 

Mixed Ability Classes: Mixed ability mat classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. Individuals are encouraged to work at their own level within the structure of the class. Beginners welcome.
Dynamic Pilates: Dynamic Pilates is a fast-paced form of Pilates that combines the precision and focus of traditional classes with a cardiovascular element to form a high intensity work out.
Mobility, Strength and Balance: Functional movements and exercises to help improve your overall health, strength and mobility. Bringing confidence and balance into your everyday life. Seated and standing exercises only - no need to get down on the mat! Great way to meet new people and gain a new lease of life. Everyone welcome!
Keep Active, Stay Strong: A class for all ages and abilities with a focus on improving co-ordination, posture and stamina. Adaptations can be made for individuals if needed.
Ballet, Barre and Movement: Adult ballet, barre and movement class is an inspiring way to develop strength, flexibility and coordination whilst having fun. No experience necessary.
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